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Times have changed, men have been doing the fucking for so long, so we've decided to shoot some hot Strap-On fun. Hot chicks fucking pathetic guys. Femdom anyone? What are you waiting for?

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Unfortunately for some men, Payton Leigh's blessed with a very good memory. Too good, you might say. Which means that her ability to catch you in a whopper is almost certain and unfailing. Cover-ups need to be rehearsed and details well corroborated to even stand a chance. Even then, it doesn't matter because Payton has the mind of a lawyer, the instincts of a lioness and the revenge motif of a witch hunter. She will catch you, and the consequences could be very extreme. A baby bottle shoved down your throat is the least of your worries when Payton's got a bug up her ass. And you might as well dial your balls to the FM station and clean your gutters when Payton's got it in her mind to fuck you in the ass. Christian tested her mettle and Payton responded in kind. Now he dreams of being in his jockey shorts firing guns and swearing manly oaths.

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