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There's nothing quite like burning a few calories during a quick afternoon run. Chelsey did a few miles in the sun, got home, then collapsed in bed. Oh, and she promptly forgot about the date she had made with her special-man-friend Tex. Chelsey didn't hear him banging away on the tattered screen door and had no idea he let himself in. Now, Tex is an industrious lad; he wasn't born yesterday. He knows that if he wakes up Chelsey before she's caught the proper Zs, he's gonna be in for a riot. He also knows that he has a load the size of Texas steer he's just been dying to drop all over Chelsey. Decisions, decisions. Tex decides to to err on the side of horniness; he's counting on his lady friend to be in the mood for some good dicking when he wakes her up!

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