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Not to be confused with Murray the K, the fifth Beetle, Denice K is of a whole different generation whose avant garde sexual practices would shock and astound swingers from the Sixties. Not to mention the fact that Denice with her delectable thighs looks pretty good in a pair of tight little shorts. So let's start with that. A cultural historian, Denice, being of the very sound opinion that girls should dress [and undress] to seduce guys, can't figure what all that Mod, mini skirt and go-go boots shit was about. Instead, Denice believes that the sooner a man has his hands on your naked ass, a gal can begin exercising Teen Power and acquiring the things she wants in life. Denice has many such brilliant thoughts on the subject and is all too willing to share them in this video clip. That fact that you're even watching it at all, proves another aspect of Teen Power.

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