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The wonderful thing about Teen Power is that you can drink yourself silly, awaken shit-faced under a hillock of liquor bottles and yet start the new day fresh-eyed, lovely, sweet-smelling and alert. It's only a few years later that you get up one morning to discover your skin suddenly has acquired the texture of a catcher's mitt left out in the snow and your nose has become the size of a baseball. We're not saying any of these observations pertain to Gauge, the living tempest in a teapot, although the Gauger has been known to flip society the bird with behavior trademarked by Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack. Must be good genes on Gauge's part because men still pay for the thrill of her taking her pants off. Yowza, yowza. It's when they wonder who left the shrimp salad out on the counter that they stop paying.

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