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Here's a sad fact of life. By the time a man fully appreciates teen power and can exploit it with his own socio-economic power and financial resources, his dick has become wearied, existential and is often too preoccupied with copyright infringement lawsuits to spring into action. Whereas a woman brimming with the fullness of teenage zest can simply go barefoot, slip into a pair of cut off shorts, hop up and down on a box spring like a jack rabbit with a firecracker in its ass and act ditzy. Gals with teen power want for, or fear nothing. There's no tomorrow waiting to bite them in their lovely ass, and their todays are often covered by some sap with a blank check. Sure, Lexi looks alive and carefree. Why shouldn't she? She's probably never been handed a subpoena or badgered on the phone by some powerhouse attorney named Mr. Berkowitz urging her to call back as soon as possible. Teen power is about hopes and promises and carefree days. So you think women with it would spread their legs more often? Who are we kidding?

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