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Teen Power, a fertile and powerful musk, is the scent of the fullness and ripeness of youth. Being on Teen Power is to make your blood warm and fragrant in your veins and have the ability to make men do stupid things to curry your favor. No wonder the British-born Poppy Morgan's named after the source of one of the world's most favorite recreational substances. You'd think Poppy were on it the way she hip hops around in this video. On Teen Power, Poppy could jump all day and her lady parts would still smell like perfume and soap. MILFs can't get away with that. After ten minutes of brisk calisthenics, they're faces start looking like museums and their body parts reminding you of the catch of the day. Whereas to inhale the fumes of Poppy's Teen Power ass is to breathe the essence of gardenias. Make your choice.

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