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Facing the grim inevitable is one of those hard facts of life. For a woman in the advancing MILF stage, it's the realization that a veneer smile with the faint, vacuous promise of sex no longer gets a gullible gent to open doors and pay the bills. She's gonna have to cough up. Tit for a tat, if you will. Not so with Teen Power, and the way Sasha Knox practices it. Lovely Sasha still has that young girl smell going between her legs, and when she farts, her little toadies laugh uproariously and don't bother to reach for the gas max or open the car window. You can get away with a lot of shit when Teen Power's working for you. The bottoms of your feet look good and guys will pay to play with your ass knowing that it doesn't leak. Maybe Sasha will be one of the lucky ones and not have to wear a diaper. We'll see.

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