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For the record, Rafaella is from Pianense, the interior of Brazil, also known as the cigarette butt capital of the world. Big fucking deal, we say, unless that question comes up in the Sunday NY Times Crossword puzzle. If it does, we'll be sure to place a collect call to Pianense and thank Rafaella personally. On to the more important things. Rafaella, as you may gather, is a 100% organic she-male. Which means that the term "quarterback sack" has a slightly different meaning in her case. Rafaella, a bonhomie of balls, does a delightful strip for us, and if nothing else, proves that she-males could be the last beacon of hope for old men who have consigned their Saturday nights to watching Anthony Quinn movies. But it doesn't necessarily take an old coot to appreciate what Rafaella has to offer. Young guys, too, have fallen under her spell and probably relayed a different version of events to their buddies after a night with her.

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