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Unlike her ancestors who beat their sweaty village garments over the rocks to get them clean, Daisy enjoys the finer things in life, like drinking aged scotch poured on them. The rocks, that is, not the sweaty village garments. This is no dumb broad. Daisy has learned how to milk the American system. She gets what she wants and manipulates guys in a manner that would make the village elders blush with embarrassment. Even before the cock crows in the early AM, Daisy is hatching schemes. [Never trust a woman who wakes up wearing heavy lip gloss.] What will it be today? A new Mercedes? A lavish weekend of pampering at the spa? Our suggestion is she dump this guy since he doesn't look like he can afford to buy a second sock let alone a pair of shoes. But we'll see what develops. Daisy always gets her way, no matter the circumstances.

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