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Born on a cow path that today serves as a back road to the famous ruins of Chichen Itza where her 4-foot tall ancestors once dwelled and ripped the living hearts out of their enemies for sport, Faith is always and remains the fair flower of Mexico. Hence, as you'll witness in this video, Faith attends to those beautiful creations of nature. Flowers, that is. Sometimes she's interrupted. Particularly by dorks who intrude upon her life often to annoy her with petty civic B.S.. This can be quite taxing to her patience though Faith takes it in due course because she's constantly hit on by men of all stripes and is pretty used to it by now. Being a lusty lady with boiling ancient Mexicali blood coursing through her veins, Faith often responds to the call of the wild. Even though she sometimes steps down socially to do so. This may be one of those occasions.

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