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Being a Mexicali chick, Melanie Jagger is seriously jalapeno hot. Of course, that's on the Italian side of her family. Sound confusing? It's a very long, involved story including Moors, Sicilians, wetbacks, a bottle of warm Cerveza, a quixotic multi-national gangbang and several broken condoms. The genetic end result generations later left Melanie with pouty lips, sexy foot bottoms, a thick pair of vibrant thighs and an ass to match. All this is to her good because these are the tools that allow Melanie to get away with all the shit that she gets away with. Just ask the bleach blond cruise ship gigolo with the suspect accent. He calls himself Julio. Sometimes Ramone, often times Manuel, and, in a pinch, Sanchez . If all of this, too, sounds confusing, remember, that's how Melanie's ancestors got together.

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