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Sasha hails from a romantic land of sun dappled meadows where aproned women and cherubic kids gather daffodils for slave wages. Then she had to fuck this idyllic concept all up by getting into the porn business and thus submit herself to embarrassing moments involving overgrown men in silly attire. It is not for us to reason why she did this, but that she did. Sasha is making the best of it, however, but an adlibbing Satan in this movie clip isn't. Cell reception is very poor in hell, you see,so perhaps the demonic powers should consider a Verizon plan. In any event, the good news is the smoke and darkness makes everyone look like Charles Bronson, ergo, attractive in a brutish sort of way. But the naive and delightfully barefooted [think we didn't notice that?] Sasha must be warned for this place is also a byzantine snakepit of treachery where anything can happen...

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