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It's difficult being a big football fan like Amy here. For starters, every guys she knows rolls their eyes at her when she refers to soccer as football. She knows she's using the right word, and she refuses to wrap her pretty mouth around the word "soccer." But boys will be boys. The next issue for young Amy is that she wants so desperately to take part in the wonderful celebrations that take place when her favorite forward buries his ball deep inside his opponent's net. When she hears the rip of the ball is it finds a deep, unprotected corner of the goal, she just wants to rip off her jersey and run around the bar yelling at the top of her lungs, just like her idols do. Sadly, most establishments frown on this sort of activity (and really, what silly man is in charge of that stupid rule, anyway). You can imagine her happiness, then, when she discovered a way to finally let the football groupie inside of her shine like it should: a proper pair of earphones and an empty soccer pitch are the answer to her dreams. Now, whenever she needs to, she can strip down and run about as much as she likes!

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