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Baseball is over. The basketball and hockey seasons are under way. So wha's it gonna be, buddy? You gonna be ploppin' your ass down in front of the big screen and feeding your face or are you gonna be a real man and be jacking it to some chicks? While we can almost anticipate your answer, may we humbly offer the visual delights of the lithe and lovely Aurora Snow. What makes Aurora particularly beguiling is the fact that not only is she a very smart lady, Aurora performs the dirtiest carnal acts imaginable. Some of which have even been outlawed in Argentina, and if you've ever been on the Pampas where lonely caballeros and bulls sometimes get carried away on windswept nights, you know that's quite a feat. While you're at it, check out that ass of hers. Imagine Aurora's sphincter cuddling up against the tip of your nose, as you sit back and whack it. Your dick, that is. See? It's not that hard to get athletes off your mind.

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