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Now that the dreaded post-Christmas cold weather has descended on Southern California like a blanket from the chilliest circle of hell, Brittany needed to find a way to keep herself warm from the achingly chilly depths of sub-fifty-five degree temperatures! Luckily for Brittany, she has a good friend or three that can come over now and then in order to provide a little bit of snuggle warmth on cold January days. This afternoon, for example, Brittany has her special friend Zoe over for a little fun. Zoe knows just how to keep Brittany's toes from getting chilly: the best way to get warm is to bury your face in your friend's lap and get that motor running. And Zoe likes to bring the heat! Brittany loves Zoe's cut-throat attitude on keeping the cold away; it's almost like having her own personal electric blanket! And as a bonus, this personal electric blanket loves eating pussy! Talk about your win-win scenario! And Brittany is more than happy to return the favor for her friend; after all, having a warm, wet pussy pressed against your face is another wonderful way to spend a chilly day inside!

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