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There comes a time on every girl's life when she ha to put down the toys of her youth. Carma is dealing with a little separation anxiety concerning her little teddy bear, Brownie. Carma feels a little lost at college without her trust best buddy bear but she's doing her best. Carma's been keeping her bed warm with frat boys and soccer players, sure, and it's been quite a bit of fun; sadly, it's just not the same. Carma finally had a breakthrough towards the end of the semester and it's made all the difference. As she was grinding away on top of another Delta brother in the comfort of her dorm room, it occurred to her that she could play the role of bed buddy for all of these friendly men. They could rub her and hug her and call her whenever they wanted and she would be there for them. It was what Brownie would want her to do!

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