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Thoday, Chiang Mai was able to find a few seconds to let us have a nice long look at the lost treasure she's been hiding under her skirt. And that's not all. She's very proud of the physical shape she maintains. For most women in her position, priorities lie closer to the realm of working in the rice paddies. Chiang Mai's one of the lucky girls who gets to go to the big city to earn her keep. With a lithe body like hers, it would be a waste to have her knee-deep in mud. She prefers to be knee-deep in White Man Cock. When she sees a well-heeled man stumbling about the side streets of her homeland, she knows that a payday isn't too far behind. When she bats those sexy hooded eyes at the helpless soul, she knows that he'll be more than happy to spend a year's salary for the faintest whiff of her feminine flower. You can't find women like Chiang Mai back in the States, and she's more than happy to exploit that fact!

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