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Our young friend Madison would like you to tell her if she has what it takes to make in the business of pleasing men professionally. We've been after her for ages and she's always met our inquiries with a firm but pleasant refusal to doff her clothes. Just watching her walk by in her tight jeans, day after day, was enough to drive us to endless distraction, but she claimed to not consider herself much of a sex object. We had finally resigned ourselves to the fact that we may well live in a reality that doesn't involve Madison getting naked for us when the impossible happened: Madison showed up and asked if if we were still interested! Well, does a bear shit in the woods? Of course we were interested! It turns out that Madison's special man-friend had left her and she was in need of a little feel-good time for herself. Before we could say "Action!" Madison had us all drooling all over ourselves when she finally let us see what was underneath those tight jeans of hers!

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