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When folk go looking for a new doctor, they'll tell you all about how important bedside manner is. Is the doctor friendly? Is he plain spoken? Important concerns all. An important factor similar to this, when trying to find a nice, wet, warm place to put a penis, is poolside manner. What a girl does when she's in close proximity to a pool can make or break a sausage hiding deal. Does your girl wear a one-piece or a bikini? Does she like to tan topless? Does she mind you pawing at her while she's trying to put a tan on her ass? Will she show you her pretty pink private parts when the lifeguard isn't looking? These and many other questions are answered by Madison. As you can see, she brings plenty of naughty play to the poolside. A perfect companion for a long hot day under the sun, Madison sems to have the perfect poolside manner!

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