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As if you can't tell by some of these pics, the thing about Loni is she don't take shit. She'll as much as bitch slap a guy as tongue kiss and chew his circumcision skin flap. Don't make a difference to her. Take her to a cheap restaurant, she'll humiliate you in front of all the senior citizens who got there for the four o'clock special. How embarrassing is that? There are practical ways of dealing with that kind of bitchy behavior, of course, but we wouldn't recommend calling your mother and whining on the phone in front of Loni. Because if abuse is what you want, you just bought the whole deck of cards with that maneuver. Here's one way to strike back, albeit awkward. Jackoff on these pics of her. Of course this requires placing your computer screen on the floor face up and straddling it for maximum aim. Sounds drastic, we know, but, remember, she just humiliated you in front of all those old geezers.

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