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The question remains: did Roxy know that there were hidden secret cameras all over the room before she decided to let her main man stick his main vein between her legs? And, as a corollary, do you think Roxy would care if she did know? Probably not! But that's neither here nor there; the important thing is that Roxy let herself get caught on tape in a sticky situation. There's a time and a place for the kind of advanced cock-rocking that she does and the place she picked this time was just a smidge past the line that shouldn't be crossed. Not that Roxy has to worry about any kind of consequences; the men watching the video in the back room are just as (if not more) guilty as Roxy and her friend; those two security guards had their hands down their pants and were fapping furiously as they watched Roxy do her dance all over that cock. So, in the end, everyone had some fun and no one got in trouble. But the fact remains: Roxy's sexy time is on tape now and there's no telling who has their hands down their pants now while they watch her fuck the afternoon away!

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