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Dig if you will this picture: Sierra Skye loosening up her blouse for you. She's got that look in her eye, the look that usually spells equal parts naughty and ecstasy. Sierra saves that little gleam in her eye for the times when she needs some special attention. It's a look that, once upon a time, she had very little control over. You can only imagine the confusion and disarray a come-fuck-me-look like hers must have caused when it slipped out. Car crashes, chaos, zombie attacks. Once she learned to reign it in like a responsible woman, well, men started following her around like puppy dogs. Not such a bad thing, considering that she was looking for men who would be satisfied humping parts of her body that don't rhyme with magina. She wants the type of man who's going to be happy getting his dick stuck between her considerable tits!

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