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As a practitioner of Teen Power, Patricia Petite has the kind of mischief in her face and lust in her nubile body that can tease all kinds of confidences. Even if they have nothing to say, guys want to tell her things just because she looks like the kind of girl who gets turned on by anti-social behavior. Guys want to confess to impress: armed robbery, grand theft auto, you name it. They want to break and enter lavish homes just so they can have something interesting to relate in their emails. They're under the impression that this is the way to winning the heart of a high spirited teen, figuring that other guys with adolescent pimples are the usual hangers-on capable of boring these girls to death. In some ways, this is true. Teen Power girls have heard it all and probably have done most of it. They're besieged by ardent admirers constantly but really respect the guy whose return address is a Federal incarceration facility.

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