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Jasmine got into teaching because she loves kids and she wants to give the little ones all of the same opportunities that she had when she was a youngster. A by-product of her being a teacher is the fact that she gets to meet a lot parents. This isn't always a good thing. It seems like Jasmine is always trying to swat away one bad dad after another during PTA meetings. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a hot dad here and there. Jasmine usually finds herself trying to think of a nice way to tell the portly dad with a wedding ring tan on his finger that she's just not interested. But then, once in a while, it all pays off. When that perfect single father comes rolling into her classroom, it's all Jasmine can do to not slip off her desk because of the instant moisture between her legs. Would it be so bad if she just locked the door, pushed everything off her desk, and took a ride on the single father of the year right then and there? Well, there's only one way to find out!

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