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Back when she was trying to figure out what she was, Dany made a living at baseball winter league gambling and wrestling naked for the amusement of rich dwarves. But now that she's achieved some notoriety and financial independence, Dany can indulge her primitive passions with life-fulfilling gusto. Her biog will say that she's particularly attracted to beefy Ecuadorian field hands named Juan. What it won't talk about are the forbidden sex rites and the secretive exchange of romantic dreams. You see, Dany is a very private person and these photos were obtained only by means of hidden camera and the exchange of lip-sealing bribes. What they mean or imply are only conclusions the viewer can personally draw. Yeah, we see two sets of genitalia floundering among those bed sheets. So what. But as a famous existentialist once said, "life is a grotesque practical joke- a hall of distorted mirrors reflecting the grimness of our pretensions." In other words next time you see an apparent dame with an obvious bulge between her legs, don't be so hasty by jumping to conclusions.

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