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To the untrained eye, Paola Felix might strike you as some ordinarily plain, bland dame - the kind you'd run into at an all-you-can-buy toilet paper sale at Costco. But there you would be wrong. Because between Paola's athletic legs hang mystery, intrigue and a hint of the forbidden. Some men have fantasized about meeting such a unique species of womanhood, while others continue to nurture secret erections during pay-per-view MMA events and rebroadcasts of 25 year-old athletic events. Francisco was a guy who belonged in the former category. He was curious and experimental. And, as soon as he met Paola, something about her squared jaw and a hint that something else was askew sent out signals. Francisco, a manly man by all rights, jumped to it. True to the nature of such conquests, he was at first stunned for things to say. But rather resort to feeble encomiums in the sack, Francisco allowed his balls to do the talking. As his dick penetrated Paola's anus he asked many questions. Like the name of Paola's doctor. Francisco made a mental note to never go to that guy for a colonoscopy.

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