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For men who are attracted to earth mothers with square jaws and quasi- Adam's apples, Reana proves irresistible. Plus the fact that she lugs a sack of apples between those healthy thighs is more than any man crossing the sexual border could possibly hope for. For added entertainment, heaps of personality are also written in that face. And, turned on her knees, Reana is congenial in other obvious ways. Man who have ejaculated into her pissoir can well attest to that. Of course, if you're bothered by the minor detail of balls dangling from a dame, you might want to look elsewhere. But this is where Reana has one more powerful bargaining chip: those powerful cock-sucking lips. Reana will toy with your affections long enough, then move in for the kill. Just close your eyes and allow her to decant your semen. And don't be ashamed if she does. It can happen to anyone.

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