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Times have changed, men have been doing the fucking for so long, so we've decided to shoot some hot Strap-On fun. Hot chicks fucking pathetic guys. Femdom anyone? What are you waiting for?

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Melissa Monet had business with the Egyptian down in Chinatown. She looked at him, her eyes eating erogenous holes in his ass. He was more in the mood for tapioca, Melissa more in the mood for rectal involvement. The Egyptian knew what was coming next. If he wanted what he wanted, he'd have to give Melissa what she wanted. It wasn't a simple deal, nor was it easy in his nature to play the sissy boy. In it went, and the Egyptian bellowed like an African veldt beast in heat, although he had to agree it felt good, at the same time. In certain instances, it makes sense to adhere to classic protocol: ladies first.

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