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Times have changed, men have been doing the fucking for so long, so we've decided to shoot some hot Strap-On fun. Hot chicks fucking pathetic guys. Femdom anyone? What are you waiting for?

Tara Lynne Foxx in Forced Fem! Get More Here!

As George W. Bush once said, fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on me again. Tara Lynne Foxx knew exactly how that felt. That's because she had just got out of a relationship with a guy who had convinced her of his swarthy machismo but, in reality, was an understudy in the all-male ensemble of "Dream Girls." The latest guy, other than the fact that he would expose his genitalia in unusual places and circumstances, seemed pretty normal. But this was merely a ruse. For when Tara wasn't looking, he came out of a closet that held Imelda Marcos's old high heels. Fight it or go with the flow, Tara pondered, convinced that she was never going to get a break and have a he-man in her life. So Tara got out some cheap cosmetics, a ratty pair of thigh highs, an old Judi Garland wig and got creative. The end result didn't land her a matinee idol, but at least Tara's got a maid to do the dishes while she attends the afternoon show.

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