Inseminated By 2 Black Men brings you Interracial Cream Pies

Before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in sports, black men couldn't even stay in the same hotels/motels as white women. [Okay, so it wasn't much better years later during the Kennedy administration, but that's beside the point.] There'd be no socializing, ergo no fornicating. From what we're told, white chicks were missing out on a good thing. The good thing being what we've all now come to learn was the huge endowment granted members of the ebony race. And we're not talking about Track & Field scholarships, either. Having studied Sociology in many institutions of higher learning, Noname Jame wanted to discover first hand what women of a bygone era, what with their ankle-length skirts, were missing. The answers were pretty obvious. Chicks needed to wear shorter skirts and needed to raise said skirts even higher to show some ass. As we all know, the brothers love white woman ass. They also like to work in pairs while humping the white woman. That was something Noname Jane never learned in school.

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