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Jay felt like a dead man walking as he approached Avena's office. Avena had caught Jay handed in his attempts at painting the various supplies around the office with his spunk. Jay figured he was getting ready to find a new job, but when Avena started talking Jay realized that his luck may have finally changed. The ball-buster behind the desk, looking at him over her sexy fucking glasses, wasn't firing him. Shit, she was actually hitting on him! Jay's attempts to relieve his boredom at work actually worked; Avena was the sort of undercover slut that every working man dreamed of; the scent of Jay's sex had aroused a fire in her that was only going to be satisfied by the repeated and raunchy delivery of Jay's dick to her hot wet hole. They's have to keep the relationship on the down-low, of course, but that was fine with Jay. Those long hours in the office just got a little bit brighter...

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