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Erika Vution is a very sweet lady who always manages to meet guys full of humbug, some being brokers of exquisitely fabricated dreams, and others being the gray bearded proprietors of horse stalls. Which is to say that Erika generally walks away saddened by her own sincerity but often times wiser for the rotten experience of being taken advantage of by degenerate truth benders. You know where this is going, don't cha? Erika was going to be pushed once too often and then turned into a regular strap-on vigilante. But you already knew that. Boris, the bullshitter, however, didn't. Upon their meeting, Boris, a man of minimal gravitas, twisted Erika's eyeballs with his artful tongue and streaming packs of Euro-based lies. But this lasted only so long before she caught on and finally snapped. "Twist the baboon's balls and punch will surely run out of his cock," Erika remembered a wise man once telling her. When Boris got woozy from the vodka he was so fond of nurturing, Erika's face became a palette of malevolence as she slipped on the harness of pleasure and plunged it deep into Boris' ass. With thrust after thrust, Boris' face looked as if it had been beaten by gray junk weather as he screamed like a mandrake. Erika took that as a good sign.

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