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Even for being a porn chick who's seen and done it all, Kelly Leigh's a down-to-earth family values type of gal. But, at the same time, Kelly has this psychotic nesting instinct that extends to suckling grown men and hiding their baby rattles. This is her thing and who can explain it. Piss Kelly off, and her good-natured disposition flips like a switch. One minute you're in her lap listening to lullabies and bedtime stories about the time her Uncle Ted took her for walks by the train tracks. Next minute you're on the receiving end of a torpedo in your mouth and up your ass. Such is the way with porn chicks. You never know if you're doing or saying the right thing or the wrong thing. Gilbert, who's occupied Kelly's lap on more than one occasion, may have overstepped his bounds with a provocative toe dance that seemed at odds with his masculinity. But you never know.

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