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Being something of a bohemian, Nicole Ray enjoys hanging out with thespians, art world bon vivants and cross dressers who adopt the cheerleader lifestyle. Nicole has often said she'd marry a man who could accommodate all three of those requirements on her fantasy wish list. But who was she kidding? Such a man was hard to find. Then Nicole met an actor who had won critical reviews by playing the patient in the off Broadway musical, Gonorrhea. That, plus the fact that he reminded her of a husky Mexican girl named Shirley who used to be on Nicole's high school varsity pom-pom squad got her thinking. Two out of three ain't bad, she thought. So, nervously, Nicole proposed, but the man of her dreams babbled something about their need to share a yoga mat together before he'd consider. She took that as a no and fucked him very hard until his anus rattled like a slum housing radiator. Nicole felt she had to make a point.

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