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Tara Lynne Foxx always wanted to find a rectally terminal rich man so she could inherit all his money and have a maid of her very own. Tara thought she found such a man in Winslow C. Bannister III who gave her a pretty good spiel about having advanced ass cancer. But this turned out to be merely a ruse to solicit sympathy and a spate of blowjobs which Tara gave willingly under the impression that sooner rather than later she'd be a beneficiary of the vast Bannister estate. Little did she know. After months of unconditional cocksucking, Tara asked Winslow what gives, that, if anything, he appeared to be healthier than ever and recipient of an advancing waist line. When Winslow laughingly clued her in, Tara was tempted to shear his cock off with a garden implement but thought better of it. "Why not have my cake and eat it too?" she thought as she spiked Winslow's drink one evening with a Mickey. As he woke, Winslow noticed something strange about himself in the mirror. While he didn't look exactly pretty it was just enough to attract ex convicts. And when Tara demanded the foie gras Winslow somehow sprang to attention though rather gingerly because his rectum still ached like cancer after that strap on session.

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