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Luna's one of those women who has a multi-national face and a multi-inseminated love hole to go along with it. Kinda goes with the territory, we imagine. In some Third World countries, Luna's known as "La Enganadora," The Deceiver, a name which comes from a popular Cuban hit song that tells about a girl who fooled her boy friend by wearing falsies. S'truth. As you can plainly see, however, that's not Luna's problem at all. Her problem is being honest with the men she goes to bed with. You see, Luna is a love 'em and leave 'em type. She's the female equivalent of the guy who woos a girl, gets her into the sack, messes up her rectum and never calls again. Luna claims the reason for that is the fact that her last long distance phone bill to Mexico was through the roof; and she is, thus, trying to economize. So many disappointed Mestizo cane cutters waiting by the phone with their dicks hanging out. Luna's now being called La Puta Enojada, The Mud Bitch. You figure out why.

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