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Sophisticated now in the ways of the world, its hard to believe that Nyomi Arman grew up in a small village in Peru where trucks ran on three wheels and young lads would play with their pee-pees in the tall mountain grass. Amusement as you might guess, was hard to come by. Often times, as a practical joke, Nyomi and her girlfriends would go without wearing panties, sit in a humid cantina and let the rest of the customers guess as to where the smell was coming from. Often times the owner was blamed for serving bad seafood and would have to comp the bills of irate customers. But these were the ways of cheap laughs among the nubile village maidens, many of whom had not even seen or owned a TV set. As you'll gather from this raunchy video clip, Nyomi has progressed a lot further along and owns a set that receives 200 channels. Needless to say she is the envy of all her friends from the old neighborhood.

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