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In the little village where Romina grew up, everyone was very close and no one was really raised to be anything but exuberant about their sexuality. By the time Romina finally found her way to the States, she had probably spread her pretty legs for just about everyone she knew! You can imagine her surprise, then, when she found that the land of the free was just a wee bit uptight when it came to matters of sex. All of her new friends blushed and gasped when Romina would talk her sexual exploits openly and, much to her horror, more often than than not the boys wouldn't know what to do with a sexually aggressive young lady like herself. But all was not lost! All Romina had to do was make her way to a big city like Los Angeles. In LA, Romina found just what she was looking for: a city full of pretty people like herself that enjoyed a nice roll in the hay whenever the mood struck them!

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