Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

According to the dedication, this foot video goes out to Joe, a "rabid fan" in Minnesota. And we certainly hope they catch the dog that bit him. Joe, we're also told, adores Allysin's small feet. Now some guys are into tiny feet, and some guys are into ones the size of aircraft carriers. Lovely Allysin happens to fall into the former category where she's a 5 1/2. In fact, when she was a little girl Allysin used to exchange shoes with her Barbie dolls and it went a long way to saving on the family budget until she reached the age of puberty and her feet grew. But once she started in porn and blossomed into a woman, Allysin began giving Imelda Marcos a run for her money in the footwear dept. Modeling a pair from The Slut collection with a peekaboo front, Allysin tosses her tanned limbs saucily with provocative taunts and teases. There are also many schools of thought among foot fetishists regarding the choice of toenail polish. Not to sound like killjoys, Allysin would score a zero among the experts who favor various shades of red. But who are we to say. Allysin is the one making the big bucks while these closet homos live from hand-to-mouth on government grants. Nevertheless, enjoy this pretty lady.

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