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Talk about nerve-racking! Charlie has had the biggest ladyboner possible over the last few weeks, but it hasn't been for any of the men she's usually sweating. No, this time, it seems, Charlie has fallen just a wee bit in love with her good friend Isabella. It's the first time Charlie's had a girlcrush like this, and she's had her hand in her panties every night thinking about how wonderful it would be to have Isabella dip her toes in Charlie's mouth. There was really only one thing she could do, seeing as her pussy was hijacking her mind so thoroughly: Charlie had to confess her crush and get it all out in the open. Charlie was afraid that ISabella would laugh her off, but what happened made Charlie the happiest girl on earth! Instead of saying "No", Isabella pulled her friend into bed and immediately started ravishing her from head to glorious toe. As it turns out, Isabella had been harboring more than a few fantasies of her own over Charlie. I's this kind of holiday miracle that just warms the cockles of the heart. And your cock. Just sayin'.

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