Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

Our fantasy's always been to wake up from a restless night and find a bikini-clad Courtney Devine and her size 10's appearing to us in a fireball. And wouldn't you know, give or take a few plot gimmicks, that's the very subject of this movie clip. Amazing how that happens. Jung, in his writings calls this synchronicity. We call it a cheap theatrical porno storyline. But whichever way you want to open the jar of mayonnaise, Courtney would certainly be the subject of any man's whim. In this clip Lee Stone finds Courtney in purgatory, and it would certainly be that if all he could do was look without caressing those thighs and touching those fantabulous feet. Of course our vision of purgatory would also include listening to him yap and yap before we get to the good part. But, again, that's what purgatory is all about, isn't it?

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