Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

What is it about a girl in a tartan skirt that seems to send your average man insane? Well, we can tell you that in the case of Miss Ginger Lee, the skirt serves as the perfect accoutrement for her lovely size 6.5s! The way that Ginger pads around the poolside, softly, silently, only serves to remind us that we need to set aside a few hours to properly show Ginger how we really feel! And Ginger is more than happy to reciprocate in the manner we're accustomed! Ginger likes to pull up her skirt and show off her pretty panties while she's unbuckling out pants with her feet! Once Ginger has used her toes to get us, ahem, properly motivated, it's time to lose the panties and spread her legs! As long as we promise to leave every last ounce of our load on her toes, Ginger is more than happy to let us per out on her feet and her wardrobe any time we want. What a wonderful world!

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