Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

Back in the day when men wore arm garters, played rag time piano and wore straw hats, women named Jenny were plentifully available at the drop of those hats. Not any more, and it's sad in a way because Jenny is a quaint, wonderful name full of promise and allure, of boat rides, innocence and bare feet on lazy Summer afternoons. Fortunately we still have a Jenny or two among us. And ours is willing to tease us deliriously with her feet. Which is to our great advantage because back in the day of high button shoes, it would take a woman an entire afternoon just to get those damn things off. By the time the strip tease was over, the man no doubt had already jacked off and was ready for bed. So he might have missed the foot tattoo like our Jenny has. But you won't.

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