Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

Her name might throw you off, but Vic Sinister, besides being a sultry piece of ass, is a very romantically inclined young woman with her feet being the most vulnerable part about her. Vic, you see, loves having her tootsies rubbed, soothed and caressed. But being the emotional sort that she is, Vic's also likely to go banana-rama at the least provocation, as evidenced in this video clip when she's accused of having an affair with the office mail boy. When Vic is worked to a fever pitch and begins throwing punches, very few things can bring her down off the ceiling. A finger up her ass might be the most logical place to start, you'd think, but Vic enjoys the more subtle approach. The romantics among us would be quick to pick up these cues where finesse wins the day instead of volatility. Just slip off her shoes and whisper sweet nothings to Vic's big toe. You'd be surprised at what happens next.

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