5-Guy Cream Pie brings you Pussies Ooze with 5 Loads of Cum

History records that the first five guy cream pie came at the end of a Three Stooges episode titled A Plumbing We Will Go- the one where Moe, Larry and Curly come out to this hoity toity mansion looking for a leak then promptly turn the place into an interactive water fall. Being a chick, Aurora Snow can't see what's so funny about the Stooges. Frankly, we can't see what's so funny about taking five guys in your love snout, either. But this is what Aurora does, and we're not the ones to make comment. Because she radiates pride in the things she does, we'll allow Aurora to have her say in this movie clip. Then we'll allow the rest of the world to debate the issue of having man juice rolling down your leg during important social occasions then trying to explain to some hoity toity hostess in a mansion why this is happening. It'll probably erupt into a five guy cream pie for all we know, then Moe, Larry and Curly will have the last laugh.

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