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Stands to reason that a porn name summoning images of a zesty dessert tarte would look and taste better with the addition of a pure white glazed frosting. Though confectioners' sugar ain't exactly the main ingredient spurting out of Cherry Poppens' bakery fresh pastry hole most of the time, if you get the drift. When it comes to throwing ingredients together, Cherry, a certified klutz in the kitchen, rarely pays attention to the cookbook and even less attention to the mop up detail. Which probably explains the funky savor of a lot of her recipes. But because the lady's so cute and accommodating, it seems rude to be holding your nose and breathing through your mouth as Cherry's attempting to wipe up those few laggard gobs her male companions left dripping down her thighs. Ya figure if you're going to inseminate a chick, at least have the common courtesy to bring your own paper towels.

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