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After putting some time in on the graveyard shift at a chicken slaughter house in Alabama, and having spent sessions in assorted styles of psychoanalysis, as a result, Lola decided this wasn't the occupation best suited for her. Rather, she wanted to tear things apart with her teeth, consume blood, whiff rotted meat, swallow lumps of the world and vomit it all up. In other words, Lola wanted to better herself. So she went into porn where men would give her money for posing in her underwear. At last report, we're happy to say that Lola's now doing the next best thing by allowing men in groups of five to inseminate her with their burly, noxious stew. Sure, she still wakes up at night to icy voices, muffled screams and acrid aromas swirling between her legs. But who among us doesn't? Watch this clip and see Lola's story for yourself.

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