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Some girls are unaware of how pretty and sexually tumultuous they are. As a young sprite, Roxy Sweet used to be like that, and, thus, warded off wolves, phony compliment payers and potential thrill seekers by keeping a snub nose in an ankle rig under her bobby sox. Yeah, guys, even the overzealous ones, tend to back off under those circumstances when you go Tarantino on them. Then, as she got older, Roxy began developing an itch her manicured fingers couldn't scratch. She had to have guys- and lots of 'em- all together or taking turns. Didn't matter. In maturity Roxy's vagina lips began whistling songs of love and bold lovers without condoms heeded the mating call and would approach her in droves for the opportunity to inseminate her. The deal was quite simple. Roxy had to ditch the heat she was carrying before the group-thing went any further. But old habits die hard, and on occasion, the gun would go off. No harm, no foul, even though you lose a good man or two in a five man cream job when that happens.

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