5-Guy Cream Pie brings you Pussies Ooze with 5 Loads of Cum

The lyricist who wrote the lines, "Would you like to jizz on a star...carry semen home in a jar?" obviously never knew the feeling of having one's sexual fluids spurt free and unfettered between a woman's inviting thighs. Had Sharon Wild made his acquaintance, the song might have had a different text and a happier ending. [As a footnote to the story, the song writer practiced exactly what he preached, and, upon his death, a grim discovery of stored discharge was discovered in his unventilated apartment along with a diseased cat and evaporated fish tank- and you can imagine that aroma.] Accepting the story for what it is, we're glad that women like Sharon Wild walk among us. Thusly, Sharon's a carnal receptable deserving of tremendous respect and gratitude. This clip in no small way is a tribute to her.

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