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What man in his right mind wouldn't want to plant his seed in the tempestuous love hole of Trista Post? So to find five male representatives of the human species with nuts positively aching to fertilize, wasn't really a tough chore. [Okay, we didn't stipulate intelligent and sophisticated.] Voila, just in time for the Fall harvest comes this little video you can cherish with countless re-watchings. Trista, you can sense from the moment she's on screen, is a Hollywood whore the gossip sites have yet to discover and a gangbang waiting to happen. Her eyes are deliriously sunk back in her head, with her legs eager to part like the Red Sea. Yeah, Pharaoh and the entire Egyptian army would have gotten swallowed up in that mess, that's for sure. Horny is horny, and a slut's a slut. Three thousand years ago, or now.

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